Where to buy seeds in Stardew Valley?

August 15 2021

In order to collect your goods in Stardew Valley, you should firstly plant the seeds. But where can you buy them?

There are few different ways to obtain seeds. The cheapest one is usually to produce them by yourself. You can do this with a Seed Maker. However, it takes some time, and you need crops to turn them into seeds.

Seed Maker Stardew Valley

You can buy Seeds in at least 4 different places:

  • Pierre’s General Store
  • JojaMart
  • Oasis
  • Traveling Cart

For new players, I recommend buying all seeds from Pierre’s. He offers them in relatively good prices. They’re usually much cheaper than in JojaMart and other places.

Pierre's General Store

Sometimes you can also make some good deal in the Traveling Cart, but be careful, because very often these prices are too high, so these seeds may be unprofitable.

If you’re a more advanced player, and you have access to The Desert, I highly recommend buying some seeds in the Oasis store, especially in the Summer when you can plant the Starfruit Seeds, which are probably the most profitable in the whole game.

All these shops may have different assortments depending on the season, or even a specific day (traveling cart).

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