Stardew Valley Combat

Stardew Valley: Fighter or Scout?

September 26 2021

After reaching 5 Combat level, every player could pick their profession.

There are two options:

  • Fighter – all attacks deal 10% more damage, +15 HP.
  • Scout – Critical strike chances increased by 50%.

Which of them is better when it comes to practical aspects?

It’s not that clear. I can’t just say X, or Y.

On the one hand, Fighter bonuses are more predictable and constant, but on the other hand, Scout may tempt those of you who hardly believe in your luck.

The fact you’re getting an extra 15 HP by choosing Fighter is also worth noting. It could be about 10% of your total health.

What did I pick and why?

Scout may look awesome, but the truth is, its bonus is only increasing your current chances. So when it’s 2%, it’s increasing chances only to 3%.

I picked Fighter. It’s 10% more damage and about 10% more health. It’s making a real difference, and what’s more important – it’s making the difference always, not only when I have enough luck.
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