Is Stardew Valley Cross Platform?

Is Stardew Valley Cross-Platform game?

August 9 2021

Stardew Valley seems to be a perfect game for PC and mobile devices. It may be simple, but it’s still fun and playable.

Many people ask if Stardew Valley is a Cross-Platform game.

Well, it depends on what do they define by “cross-platform”.

On what devices can you play Stardew Valley?

You can play Stardew Valley on your PC with Windows Vista and greater, but it’s also available on macOS and SteamOS + Linux. It’s also available on iOS, Android, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and  Nintendo Switch. That means it’s also easy to play outside without a big screen. Just imagine sitting on the field in the sun when you’re planting your seeds on your Stardew Valley’s Farm. That must be awesome!

Does Stardew Valley have a Cross-Platform Multiplayer?

Stardew Valley does have a Co-Op mode.

However, it’s not possible to play with players on other platforms. While playing on PC you can Co-Op only with other PC players.

According to Stardew Valley Wiki, some platforms like PlayStation 4, Switch, or Xbox One may require a subscription to play in some specific ways, but it still should be possible to play in split-screen mode for free.
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