How to play Stardew Valley Multiplayer?

How to play Stardew Valley Multiplayer

August 23 2021

Although this game does not have a massive multiplayer mode, you can still enjoy it with your friends.

Multiplayer in Stardew Valley it’s an optional mode that allows up to 4 players to play in the same world.

This function is available on PC (Windows, Linux, and macOS), and some consoles (remote multiplayer on there may require a subscription to the console’s online services, while local split-screen multiplayer stays free).

In order to start a Multiplayer game, you should enter the CO-OP tab on the main game screen.

CO-OP Stardew Valley

Now you can host or join the farm.

Protip: the game is available only with the host. Because of this, it should be a deliberate decision. It’s usually better when a host is a person who is the most active or who wants to play even when others are offline.

What should host do to start a game?

If you want to become a host, you should navigate to the “Host” tab.

Host tab

Then click “Host New Farm”. After a while, you should be redirected to the new window which allows you to create your character and set some preferences about the farm.

Farm settings

You should pay attention to the settings tab, and also click the tool button. There you can set few interesting things like a money style. You can have separate money with your friends or leave it shared.

If you’re ready, click the “OK”  button on the right bottom.

Once you’re in the game, click “ESC” on your keyboard and select the gamepad tab with the settings.

Game settings

Now you can Invite a specific friend, show an invite code, or start a local co-op, by clicking the specific buttons.

If you want to play with someone who’s not near you, you should select the “Show Invite Code”. You can copy this code and send it to your friend.

What should other players do to join a game?

If you have an invite code, the only thing you should do is to open your game and select the “CO-OP” tab.

Enter invite code

Then click “Enter Invite Code”,  paste it, and click “OK”.

That’s it, have fun!
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