Hay in Stardew Valley

How to get hay in Stardew Valley

July 13 2021

In Stardew Valley hay is used mainly as animal food.

Animals in this game don’t need food to live.

However, they need food to produce your goods, and what’s even more important, they need food to be happy.

Hay for animals

Where to buy hay in Stardew Valley?

If you’re lazy, or if you just don’t want to gain your hay, you can easily buy it from NPC.

You can buy hay:

  • From Marnie (Marnie’s Ranch) for 50g.
  • From Desert Trader (Calico Desert) for 1 Omni Geode (3 hays).

How to get hay without paying for it?

It’s hard to say that buying hay for your animals isn’t worth it.

Obviously, it is, but there are really simple ways to get it in large amount.

You can get hay from:

  • Grass – it’s growing in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. If you have a silo, then the grass you cut should be automatically stored there.
  • Wheat – it should grow 4 days after planting Wheat Seeds (you can buy them in Pierre’s General Store). When you’re harvesting this wheat with Scythe, you should have 40% chance to drop also hay.

Wheat and hay

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