Chickens in Stardew Valley

How to feed chickens in Stardew Valley

August 11 2021

An interesting fact about Stardew Valley’s animals is they don’t require food to live. For this reason, some lazy owners forget about their animals, but I’ll explain to you why it’s worth feeding them.

Animals do require food to produce their goods.

Hungry chicken = unproductive chicken = no profits.

What to feed chickens?

Just like in real life, chickens could not be fed with everything. That means you cannot be cheating by feeding your animals with stuff like wood or coals.

You can feed your chickens with hay. Here’s also a guide how to get hay for free, but you can also buy it in Marnie’s Ranch for 50g.

How to feed chickens with hay?

If you don’t have your hay in the backpack, but you have it in your silo, you can use a special box in Coop. Just click on it with right mouse button.

Getting hay

Then if you have your hay you can move to the right and place the hay. In standard Coop, you can place up to four stacks.

Placing the hay

How often to feed chickens?

If you want your chickens to be productive, and you are going to collect the eggs everyday, then you should feed these animals once a day.
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