Stardew Valley Favorite Thing

Stardew Valley Favorite Thing – Is it important?

August 17 2021

When new players are creating their first Stardew Valley’s characters, they may be confused. There are plenty of parameters to define, but why does everybody need to set their character’s favorite thing? Is it important? What to set?

I’ll answer these questions in today’s post.

First of all, there is no list of things you can define. That means you can feel free to input whatever you want, up to 12 characters.

Defining favorite thing

In fact, your favorite thing is not a big deal. It’s not commonly used, and it shouldn’t impact your game quality.

It’s only used for dialog and plot purposes. When you eat a Stardrop, you’ll get the message which contains the favorite thing name. There is also one easter-egg that refers to facorite thing. When it’s set to “ConcerendApe”, which is a reference to Stardew Valley’s creator, you’ll get a bit different message with some thanks.
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