What to do with unnecessary items?

What to do with unnecessary items in New World?

October 8 2021

We have to remember, our inventories have some limits. In the New World, it doesn’t matter how many items do you carry, but it depends on their weight.

At some point, our inventory may be too heavy, and that could make you way slower. This happens very often, especially in the middle of the trip after we gather some resources and grab some loots.

Unfortunately – or maybe fortunately – there is no trading NPC who would buy this stuff from us in New World.

Instead of this, we can:

  • Drop these items on the ground.
  • Salvage these items to get some repair points and gold.
  • Sell them on the trading post.
  • Craft some items from unnecessary ones.
  • Put them into our storage shed.

The last three options require going to the town.

How to drop items?

Open your inventory (TAB), and hold the item you want to discard. Move it to the right side (Discard items).

How to discard items

Alternatively, you can just click on the item with the left mouse button while holding SHIFT.

Remember that after dropping the items, other players won’t be allowed to take these. However, the bag with your dropped items will disappear after 3 minutes.

How to salvage resources from items?

Open the inventory.

Click S + Left mouse button on the item you want to salvage resources from.

Alternatively, you can left-click on it and then choose the option “Salvage”.

Salvaging the item

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