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New World: 5 easy ways to earn gold faster

October 15 2021

The fact you probably don’t know about me yet is that I’m one of these guys who instead of doing dungeons and raids prefers to sit in the auction house for the whole day. This may sound boring for some people, but I exactly know how to make a good amount of currency.

In this guide I’ll show you my favorite methods I’ve discovered after playing this game for only one week. Many people already asked me how did I make a lot more than them while I’m at only 23 level.

1. Make quests

Before we begin with other activities, we should earn some in-game currency. In my opinion, the best way to do this is just making quests (especially the main one). Yesterday when I started a new character, I’ve earned about 600 currency at ~10 level. It’s something, and it’s for sure enough to start other activities that could be so profitable.

2. Craft items

People in MMORPGs are usually very lazy. They’d focus on fights, but not on the boring stuff like crafting. Sometimes they want to pay a lot more to someone who’ll craft the needed item for them. In the New World there are also crafting levels that you need to increase to make better items. What I can suggest is to firstly focus mainly on one specific niche. It’s way easier and way more profitable to be 150 level on one crafting profession, than 40 in every.

3. Gather resources

Gathering resources could be also very interesting, especially when some of them are very expensive on your server. After reaching the next gathering levels and improving the tools, this process could be way more efficient than it was at the beginning.

Same as in the case of crafting, for new characters, I recommend focusing mainly on only one gathering specialization.

The gathered resources could be sold on the market, or you can make use of them by crafting them into more interesting items.

4. Don’t be afraid of trading

Flipping and selling your goods is probably the best way to make a lot of in-game currency. If you like analyzing the market and it doesn’t bore you, you definitely should try it. Remember that you can have only 100 active orders (yes, only – it’s not that much for massive traders), and while flipping, you shouldn’t work on extremely low price margins, because there is always a tax.

5. Pick a good server

Each server has a different economy. Some of them are better for trading, some of them are better for selling crafted items. If your main focus is to make as much currency as possible, you should make good research. What’s interesting, time zones could be a key. I’m playing on the server where most players has usually late night when I’m logging into. I believe that causes some good resource prices.
I love games, and I know how hard they can be for beginners. That's why I decided to provide well-described, simple, and valuable tips and tricks for some of my favorite games.