New World Casual Player

Can you play New World as a casual gamer?

July 27 2021

Not everyone wants to become the best. A lot of people don’t have enough time for this. Non-competitive, casual players are looking for fun, not for rivalry.

Firstly: being a casual player is okay. I have to say that because I had an experience when players from my guild didn’t respect that I lost time for playing in a hardcore way. Even the best players often have to leave their favorite game or become casual players because they don’t have that much time as in the past. It’s normal, and we should remember that game is only a game.  It’s not the essential thing in everyone’s life, and I think it shouldn’t be, even if it’s fun.

People don’t wonder if a game is casual-friendly for no reason. Playing some games as a casual seems pointless. Unfortunately, many MMORPG games are one of them because they are usually more focused on grinding and stats than the actual skill.

For an MMORPG game, New World seems quite good for casual gamers. I’m playing as a casual, same as many others, and I have to say, it’s enjoyable, and I don’t feel a need to start tryharding. I enjoy exploring the big, not only new but also the beautiful world. The plot and dubbing itself can be engaging and immersive. Yes, this is definitely a great experience. If you don’t mind too much about the speed of your progress and rivalry with others, this game is great, even if you’re casual.

In my opinion, it all depends on the player’s attitude. If the player can enjoy the game and not think about progress, he will have a lot of fun.
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