New World Max Level

What is the max level in New World?

July 24 2021

What I truly love about most MMORPGs is that the real fun starts at the moment, where in many other games this fun ends. The endgame usually contains a lot of amazing content and many hours of great gameplay. But how to reach that in New World?

New World also has an endgame. This means that the basic level cannot be improved after reaching the level cap.

The max level in New World is 60.

How long does it take to get to level 60?

Everything depends on a specific player and his way of playing. Players who are not focused on the plot and play mechanically, usually reach their goal a bit faster. A lot depends also on your equipment, your experience, and your commitment.

I can say that reaching the level cap could probably take about 150-200 hours of playing.
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