Is New World Pay to Win?

Is New World Pay to Win?

July 25 2021

Pay to win has plunged many great MMORPGs. We shouldn’t be surprised. For some people, gaming is only for entertainment, but for the game creators, it’s also a serious business.

A lot of MMO games contain some microtransactions. However, they’re not always needed to succeed or to achieve something faster.

When I’m choosing a new game, one of the key aspects is if the game is pay to win. I really prefer to pay for the game once, or even pay some subscription fee. Some players are spending hundreds of dollars monthly to chasing the virtual rabbit more efficiently because, in some games, it’s impossible for a non-paying player to compete with people who spend a lot of money on the game.

It’s always hard to say if the game’s pay to win because it could change. Very often when the game loses its popularity, some regular players stay, so developers bring tons of new microtransactions to keep earning money.

Some popular games often have a decent payment model, which allows you to buy something for real money, but those items are not required to become the best player, so they aren’t helping to achieve something at all. If the player can buy only things that are visuals and don’t impact on the game, in my opinion, it’s not a pay to win. It’s totally optional, unless you don’t need to be the most swaggy one.
New World isn’t pay to win. Its shop contains some emotes, skins, and housing items. I didn’t find there any weapons, or XP boosting stuff. I think it’s completely fair, especially for people who paid for this game.

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