Recall to an Inn

How to Teleport in New World?

October 11 2021

This game World is not only new but also huge. Of course, we can compare it to some older and bigger games, but if we’re keeping in mind the fact there are no mounts in New World, then the world seems really gigantic.

It’s beautiful. Thanks to the gathering, there is always something to do, but I still can’t even imagine players who are rushing to the endgame walking everywhere on their character’s feet. It’s cool, but it’s not that efficient.

There are currently two interesting ways to teleport in New World:

1. Recall to an Inn

New World allows you to register your character in one of many Inns.

After you do so, you can use a Recall from any point of the map.

To use this option, navigate to the map (M, or ESC -> MAP), select an Inn your character is registered to, and click “Recall”.

There are no additional costs. Recall to the Inn is free, but you can do this only once an hour.

2. Use a Fast Travel to a Settlement

It’s a game-changer. After I found it out, it extremely improved my game and quest efficiency.

To use Fast Travel, your character should be standing in a settlement area.

Then you can open the World map (M or ESC -> MAP) and select any Settlement icon you want to travel to. After that click on the icon and select “Fast Travel”.

Remember that Fast Travelling isn’t free. It always consumes some amount of Azoth, so make sure you’re not using this unnecessarily.


Fast Travels and Recalls may not work if your character’s equipment is too heavy.
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