New World

How to sell items to NPC in New World?

October 13 2021

As we know from many MMORPG games, some items may be very valuable, but usually our drops aren’t that good. The best thing we can do is selling them to the right NPC.

A lot of people I know asked, “Where can I sell those items?” after collecting the full bag for the first time.

Well, it’s not that easy. New World focuses on the player-driven economy, so we can’t just click and sell all the garbage items to the NPC.

However, it doesn’t mean they’re not useful. In New World, we can use even the most unnecessary items.

First of all, instead of selling items to the NPC we can try to sell them in the trading post. It’s usually working very well, so if we wouldn’t set too big price, the items should be sold after some time.

I know that listing all these auctions may be boring and time-consuming. I’m not doing this for all my items too!

If it comes to craft items, I usually put them in my storage shed, or if it’s ready to craft, I’m making something better from them.

In the case of weapons, and more “heavy” items, there is also a Salvage option. After clicking on the item and selecting “Salvage” we can gain some gold and repair points from them. It’s really worth it, so I highly recommend doing this.
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