How to see playtime in New World?

October 11 2021

Many of us, MMORPG players, love to track all the statistics.

One of the most interesting of them is always playtime. It shows how much we have achieved in the specific period and, of course, how many hours we spent in the game.

New World is available on Steam, so we should be able to see our playtime via the platform. To see this, run the Steam client. After logging in, click on your nickname on the right top, and view your profile. There you should see statistics from all of your games.

How to see playtime on the specific Character?

I believe most of you didn’t come here to know that you can see your playtime on Steam. It’s obvious to most of us.

Since New World allows players to have many characters, we also could be interested in how much time we played on a specific character.

If you want to see it, I have three good news for you:

  1. It’s possible.
  2. It’s not more difficult than checking the playtime on Steam.
  3. To do so, you only have to type one command on a chat.

Click Enter to run the chat and type: /played.

Time played in New World

After this, you should see the message with your played time.
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