How to increase your FPS in New World

July 25 2021

New World actually looks like a so-called next-gen MMORPG. However, new games with good graphics usually require decent hardware… But what decent means in this case?

I also thought I have a decent machine, but in the New World I was having some FPS drops while fighting or just being in the town with more players. Come on, this PC isn’t that bad, it still should be reasonably good.

And then I tough: “Okay, maybe it’s not a top-notch machine, I should finally accept this”, and then I started changing my settings to get better performance.

Now it’s great, and the game is a lot more playable.

Here is how I did that:

  • I turned off all unnecessary programs. Believe me, a browser with ~20 opened cards could consume a lot.
  • I turned on Windows 10 “Game Mode”.

And then I’ve finally changed my in-game settings…

I didn’t want to get a crap graphic, so I found settings that increased my FPS, but didn’t turn the game into the some large pixels.

For the network troubles, I recommend turning off the “Enable Analytics Reporting” in “Preferences”. It could be also great to lower the Bandwidth Mode.

But I didn’t have network latency issues. I was struggling with FPS drops, so I changed also the Visual Settings:

Here they are:

Window Mode: Fullscreen

Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (like my monitor has). Lowering this can help you with FPS, but it could look bad.

Brigthness and Contrast: it’s your choice, depends on your Monitor settings, co I don’t want you to follow my settings here.

Field of View: 50. Too big FOV could affect your FPS, because you’ll see more stuff around you.

Video Quality: Custom, because I changed some settings.

Effects details: Low, it’s not that necessary, and it could save some extra frames.

Lighting details: Medium.

Object details: Low.

Post processing details: Medium.

Shadows details: Low, same as effects, it shouldn’t be so important, but it could save a lot FPS.

Terrain details: Medium.

Texture details: Medium.

Water details: Low.

Show FPS: On (only for testing purposes, after this is usually redundant, so I’d recommend you to change this one after founding optimal settings)

V-Sync: If you have a FreeSync, or G-sync monitor, it shouldn’t be required. But if not, it could be great to turn this one on.

Max FPS: It depends on your game performance and your monitor Hz. I have 75Hz monitor and FreeSync, so u left it Uncapped. Just try with 60 or uncapped option and see which gives you a better feeling and doesn’t provide any screen tearing etc.

Player Nameplate amount: 5. This one is a gamechanger. If you go crazy with that, it could really impact on your game performance, especially in towns. I suggest leaving this between 5-15, but it depends on your needs and your computer performance. However, even on a good PC, I see no point to set this one to 50 or more.

Visual Settings in New World

Second part of Visual Settings in New World
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