How to Gather faster in New World?

October 12 2021

New World offers a lot of different activities. People who are interested in the gathering can gather many plants, chop trees, or even mine rare ores.

In my opinion, a gathering is one of the main pillars of the whole game. These items are really useful and usually worth spending time on gathering.

That’s why we want to improve our gathering speed, and for now, we can do this with 2 interesting methods:

1. Upgrade your tools

Better equipment will make your work more efficient. Some items can improve gathering speed, even up to ~600%!

You can craft these tools yourself, or buy them in the trading post. Unfortunately, they are lvl-capped, so the best tools usually require a high character level.

2. Increase Gathering Speed in Territory Standings

Many players forget about getting benefits from territory standings.

To check if you can use them, click “M” to open the map, and select “Teritory Standings”.

It’s not possible to always improve the gathering speed. It’s only one of a few different bonuses you can apply, so it’s not available after reaching every territory level.

Increase Gathering Speed
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