How to Drop Items in New World?

How to Drop Items in New World?

October 14 2021

Do you know this feeling when your character meets rare ore but don’t have enough inventory storage to keep it?

If you played New World for more than a few hours, I’m almost sure you know it well.

Sometimes in these situations, we don’t have any items that we want to salvage. The only method to get new ones is to drop unnecessary ones.

To do this, simply open your Inventory and find the Item you want to drop. If you want to, you can split some items, and drop only the specific amount of them.

Click on the Item with the left mouse button and select the “Discard” option. Alternatively, click on the item icon, hold it and move it to the right side.

Discarding items

Important note: Nobody except you can pick up these items. They’ll disappear in 3 minutes, so make sure you wouldn’t need them later.
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