Changing language in New World

How to change the language in New World

July 25 2021

Depending on the operating system  or the gaming platform settings, some games may turn on in a different language than the player wants. Many games are also an excellent platform to learn new languages.

New World really seems to be the perfect game to learn new languages due to the huge amount of dialogues and the large number of languages ​​to choose from.

But how to change the language in New World?

Follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. Start the game and log in to one of your characters, or click on the cog icon in the right top on the character choosing screen.
  2. If you’re in the game, and your menu still isn’t open, just press the Esc on your keyboard, and navigate to the Settings tab (on the top: second from right).
  3. From the left sidebar choose the second position from the top (it’s called “Preferences” in English).
  4. The first option from the top should be a select field, which can allow you to change Language. Click on it and select the language you’re interested in. Then just wait a while and enjoy the changed language!
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