How to change FOV in New World?

October 8 2021

Sometimes it could be frustrating when our character is too close or too far from our view. It could have an impact on our comfort.

Luckily in modern games, we often have a dedicated option that allows us to change the distance of our character from the screen.

In the New World, similarly to many other MMORPG’s, we canĀ  set the this distance dynamically. That means we don’t need to run the settings and search for this option.

If it isn’t enough, there is also an FOV option in the settings. Just click ESC and navigate to: settings -> visuals and there adjust camera field of view.

Camera FOV

By default, we can modify our FOV with the mouse scroll. Scrolling up should bring our character closer to the screen while scrolling down should zoom it out.

If this method doesn’t work, or you don’t have a working scroll, you can change these actions to other keys:

  1. Click ESC to run the menu
  2. Open the Settings tab
  3. Navigate to the “Key Bindings” in the left sidebar.
  4. Redefine the zoom in and zoom out option (click on them with the left mouse button and set the new key).

New World - Changing the Zoom
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