New World AFK

Is New World AFK-friendly?

July 24 2021

Some games are very AFK-friendly. There are titles that offer special “activities” to those players who leave their computers with the running game. On the other hand, some games chosen just the opposite way, and they’re kicking players who have an AFK status for longer than 5-15 minutes. How does this work in the New World?

It’s possible to be AFK in New World, but we should remember about mobs and players who can still attack us. It’s not a single-player, so the game doesn’t stop when we’re pressing escape. For this reason, if we are going to go to AFK, it may be better to stay at our in-game house, or leave our character in some safe location.

Is it worth to be AFK in the New World?

For now, it doesn’t look like the New World would be an AFK grinding game. This may be encouraging or dissuasive, depending on what type of gamer you are. But this will be much fairer, especially for gamers who can’t leave their computer turned on for days.
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