Volvo Trucks Dealer

ETS2: Where are Volvo Truck dealers?

November 29 2021

Volvo is definitely one of the most liked brands in Euro Truck Simulator 2.

These trucks  are extremely detailed, and they should easily satisfy the needs of even the most demanding gamers.

Because of the very comprehensive tuning and the availability of the most powerful 750-horsepower engine, many players consider Volvo trucks their favorite.

If you want to get your Volvo in ETS2, you could be interested in these things:

Volvo Trucks available in Euro Truck Simulator 2:

  • Volvo FH Classic
  • Volvo FH

Some players may be surprised that there are only two models. However, they come with some iconic cabins like Sleeper, Globetrotter, and Globetrotter XL. We should also remember that these trucks are highly customizable. I bet it’s more than enough for the majority of us anyway.

Where to buy Volvo Trucks in Euro Truck Simulator 2:

  • Germany – Osnabrück, Nürnberg
  • Bulgaria – Plovdiv
  • France – Limoges
  • Italy – Verona, Naples
  • Lithuania – Vilnius
  • Luxembourg – Luxembourg
  • Poland – Wrocław
  • Romania – Brașov
  • Spain – Albacete, Málaga
  • Sweden – Göteborg
  • United Kingdom – London
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