Renault Truck Dealer

ETS2: Where are Renault Truck dealers?

November 24 2021

Thanks to the new, amazing Renault T model, Renault Truck dealers are so popular again.

These trucks are mostly known for great displays with digital speedometers and very clean interiors. This brand has its lovers, including me.

In ETS2 you’re able to buy the following trucks from Renault Dealers:

  • Renault Premium
  • Renault Magnum
  • Renault T

If you’re wondering where Renault dealers are on the map, they’re available in these cities:

  • France: Paris, Lyon, Toulouse
  • Germany: Düsseldorf, Rostock
  • Spain: Barcelona, León
  • Bulgaria: Sofia
  • Czech Republic: Praha
  • Hungary: Budapest
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