Iveco Truck Dealer

ETS2: Where are Iveco Truck dealers?

November 25 2021

Italian cars are known for having beautiful, detailed interiors. I’m probably not the right person to judge on this one, because it’s a matter of taste.

I know many people who play Euro Truck Simulator 2 only with Iveco Trucks. That’s understandable, because they seem solid, and they are available at superb prices, especially considering their quality. Actually, Ivecos are very often my first trucks when I’m starting a new profile.

Iveco Trucks available in ETS2:

  • Iveco Stralis (with many cabins including Active Space, Active Super, Active Space Super, and Hi-Way)

Iveco Truck dealerships are available in the following cities:

  • Austria – Wien
  • Belgium – Brussel
  • Denmark – Copenhagen, København
  • Finland – Helsinki
  • France – Le Mans
  • Germany – Frankfurt, Hamburg
  • Italy – Torino, Roma
  • Romania – București
  • Spain – Zaragoza
  • United Kingdom – Grimsby
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