DAF Dealer

ETS2: Where are DAF Truck dealers?

November 27 2021

Who doesn’t like these Dutch trucks?

I don’t know a single person, especially after they’ve added the newest DAF 2021 XG to the game.

I’m personally a huge DAF fan, although the 2021 truck isn’t my favorite one from this manufacturer.

In the ETS2 player can buy the following DAF trucks:

  • DAF XF105
  • DAF XF
  • DAF 2021 XG

If you want to buy your DAF in Euro Truck Simulator 2, dealers are located in these countries and cities:

  • Netherlands – Amsterdam
  • Germany – Bremen, Leipzig
  • United Kingdom – Cardiff, Glasgow
  • France – Bordeaux
  • Italy – Catania
  • Russia – Saint Petersburg
  • Spain – Seville
  • Austria – Salzburg
  • Norway – Bergen
  • Switzerland – Zurich
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